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by Madness Becomes Method

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This is the last song written and recorded by Madness Becomes Method. The song's title "Madness Becomes Method" came before their dissolution and was recorded in Winter 2012.

It received additional production in home studios between 2012 and 2015 and was released as a bonus track for Ryan & Josh's band Crystal Desert's first album "Turquoise" which can be found here:


I want to hold your hand
But don't let me feel your pulse
I'll guess your heart beat
Draw pain onto my skin
Purge and detoxify

You think it's madness but it's not crazy to me

It's like a ghost that you can't see
Believe it's there, but you don't understand
The world around you makes no sense
Go blind, use semaphore till death
I offer you the broadside of my jaw
it's weak, but so's that state of mind

You covered me in gasoline,
Lit me a smoke and you would not be seen
without my pride around your neck
I go insane when you're away
Can't call it madness when it's every day
Can't call it madness
When this is what I'll always be


released July 23, 2015
Recorded in 2012
Music by Madness Becomes Method
Lyrics by Ryan Alexander & Jessica Johnson

Drums: Tyler Giese
Guitar: Cody Young, Ryan Alexander, Josh Ihler
Bass: Chris Quilici & Ryan Alexander
Vocals/Keys: Ryan Alexander

Produced by Ryan Alexander
Recorded at Fairhaven Recording Studio (Bellingham)
Mastered at Birdhouse Recording Studio (Ballard)




Madness Becomes Method Everett, Washington

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