The Wolfcode Trials

by Madness Becomes Method

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This is Madness Becomes Method's debut release!


released August 26, 2011

Produced by Madness Becomes Method
Engineered by Ryan Alexander
Mixed in a basement
Mastered by Owen Strain at Birdhouse Studios
Songs written by Madness Becomes Method
except Children Of The Folk written by Andrew Montijo, and Rabbit Hole written by Tyler Giese and Andrew Montijo
Additional guitar and production assistance on Family Business by Rob Storrs
Andrew Montijo plays bass on Children Of The Folk
Extra vocals on Children Of The Folk by Andrew Montijo and Hannah Hope
Additional banjo on Honeycomb provided by Sma
Ryan Alexander appears as ‘Jimmy’ on Track 8
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Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Madness Becomes Method Everett, Washington

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Track Name: Children Of The Folk
In a big town, in a small rainy state
The kids lay in the sun and get baked all day
Chilling with some ‘los and meeting some ‘lettes
Buying some bombs from a pretty girl named cricket
There’s a rave tonight; it’s going down tonight
Trying to find a way just to get a ride
I’m getting high tonight; I’m gonna be in the sky
Got my girls on my left and my bros on my right

And the kids are out of control
And they’ve got no place to go
And they’re sick and tired of the road
The children of the folk

Well the stars are out and they’re saying hello
The sun is saying goodbye but we’re not going home
Rum Rebellion is on the stage
but the guys say the laser show is on at 8
Well we missed that band and we missed the show
The cops say to leave, but we’re not going home
And god damn, what can I say?
It’s the end of the night and it’s been one hell of a day
Track Name: CDYMN1234
Do good in school and learn in class in order to succeed
Then you’re gonna have to start a career
But none of this is what I want and isn’t what I need
Just let me sit in that corner over there
Listen to your friends these next few days, I thought
They will hold the answers that you seek
Spend some time alone and find out what you want
Or hang out with new people that you meet

Well I guess that’s where I fucked up
Met the girl, fell in love
Spend all the time I could with her
Did all the things I could for her
Now she realizes she don’t need me
Guess I’ll move on

Read that fortune cookie and the secrets that it holds
How much of it can you really put to use?
And many other people have these problems, just observe
Out of all the others who will lose?
Work all day and sleep all night is what society expects
And if you don’t you’ll be tagged as a bum
Well party all night and sleep all day is all I’ll ever do
So you might as well just take me home
Please take me home
Track Name: Family Business
Such a beautiful face
Such beautiful words
I'm losing my interest so quickly
I feel sick
I think I'm probably sick
I'm confused
I'm tired

We're closer than a family,
We're a business

Did you forget how to dream?
Was it after you forgot how to sleep?
I see you looking at the clock,
but you're reading it wrong
Track Name: Rolex
Can I give you a kiss on the cheek?
I think we’re gonna have some fun
I think, I think, I think tonight I fell in love
I think tonight I fell in love

I know something that you
That you don’t know
You can look in every mirror but I don’t think that you’ll figure it out
I’m just so-
I’m just so jealous of you
How much did you pay for that
How much did you pay for that Rolex?

In the back of your head
A voice tells you that you’re out of control
It comes out as a noise telling you that you’ve got no place to go
We feel alright we feel alright maybe we’re doing it right
We feel alright we feel alright maybe we’re doing it right
Track Name: Just Like Confetti
Detoxify to feel regret
Alive--not dead, no level head
You said you’re glad that it was me
I want to know what you’re thinking

It’s a slow-motion shipwreck, baby
We’re spilling love from plastic cups
I think I miss you, but I don’t know why

You eat hearts like they’re candy
You’ll have to tell me how they taste
You look just like confetti
You should know what that means to me

We’re stealing wine, we’re losing friends
We’re spilling wine, we’re losing friends
But they don’t know that we’re so close
But we don’t know if we are close
Track Name: Rabbit Hole
And you can give it to her
Only if you want to
And you can take it from her
Only if you want to
And she can give it to you
Only if she wants to
And she can take it from you
Only if you want to

Round round, here we go
right down the rabbit hole
Track Name: My Name Is Jimmy (And My Momma Let Me Down)
my name is jimmy and my momma let me down
my name is jimmy and m y momma let me down
she let me down
and im the saddest kid in town:(
my name is jimmy and my momma let me down
my name is jimmy and my momma Let me down
she let me down
and i just feel just like a Clown
Track Name: Honeycomb
You could ask me if I know
Where to find the honeycombs
And for you I’d find each one

Hey maybe we can play this game all day
Now I know the ins and outs
But maybe we can take a different route
And we don’t have to get all of the notes
As long as we both know which way to go
Wahey maybe we can play this game all day

Hey maybe we can play this game all day
We’ve both been here before
But that doesn’t mean we can’t play some more
Here’s the puzzle we have to complete
And we can find the pieces you and me
Wahey maybe we can play this game all day

There’s something that I love about how you need my help to swim
How you hate being defenseless when you’re small as a pumpkin
How you genuinely fear that hungry shark
Or falling off of your mountain
Track Name: TATARAT
Niko and Morocco goin’ to a party
Sippin’ on a beer and taking some pills
They want to live the life of higher living
In other words they want to get ill
And so they drive all night till the party is right
One’s got his girl on his left one’s got his bro on his right
Speakers are pounding behind their heads
And the songs speak the words that have all been said
They go--

Let’s feel good tonight
We feel alright
We’ll dance through the night
We’re gonna do it right

Now Niko and Morocco had a bit of fun
And they don’t come home until they know they can see the sun
And in the back of his head, Niko hears a voice
And a melody that comes out as this noise
Track Name: Every Elderly Gentleman Knows My Name
Thank you, crayonpa
I love you